Route Building – South Downs Lines – “West Lake” City area

First thing to note: This route can’t be downloaded as it is essentially the reason for my Facebook Route Page, so its has been under construction, deleted and rebuilt a few times. I’m hoping  that this will be the last version of the route. Unfortunately though it has to go via Dovetail Games because of the assets used in the route (this may upset some I know). Having a rare chance to route build on my own route for a change, rather than other routes. Building up the West Lake City area, including a new station “West Lake” (as opposed to West Lake Central (the terminus) and West Lake Parkway (where the 3rd Rail and Overhead Wire lines split – the latter has no scenery).This area is meant to be one of the bigger cities of the route, other bigger cities include Porthcaster (on East Kent Branch Lines this was “Dover”), and Carcombe (Originally Canterbury), there are other cities but presently most don’t have the detail to show.

(the name was made with a random name generator provided by a friend )Here are a few shots of the progress.First Pictures – “West Lake” Station – not an important station as it isn’t on the main route – but I just like doing stations so added it for no reason. In theory you could do a scenario from here via the Depot and Back in to West Lake Central though.

Notes – Click for Larger Picture

screenshot_south-downs-lines-2-rsc_51-06975-0-85141_08-43-53 screenshot_south-downs-lines-2-rsc_51-07073-0-85443_08-45-41 screenshot_south-downs-lines-2-rsc_51-06998-0-85218_08-44-01

View of West Lake Station from Main Route (Below)
screenshot_south-downs-lines-2-rsc_51-07093-0-85523_08-44-26View of the Left Side of the West Lake Triangle (still needs a Level Crossing)
Main route out of West Lake Central – Starts with a 1 in 50 for the hill behind the first shot (which has no scenery as of yet)
The Other Side of the Bridge from “West Lake” Station (to note the lake in this picture isn’t the main lake for the name sake of the City. 

West Lake Central – Part 2 (WIP again – South Downs Lines)

I’d thought that i’d share more of West Lake Central on the South Downs Lines – just to show the station and surrounding area.

To pre-empt questions

First Question – Where can I download this?
Answer – At the moment you can’t and not for a while (this route has been rebuilt many times and has a fair bit of scenery to do)

Second Question – What is the South Downs Lines?
Answer – A route that I had started at least 6 years ago as a fictional route in a route challenge, but every time that I’ve improved at scenery I’ve basically rebuilt most of the route. This version (when done – which won’t be soon) should hopefully be the last version and possibly my last route for the current Train Simulator.

If you’d really like to see the original version of the route – have a look in this old UKTrain Simulator post (this station wasn’t in the original route ) –

Pictures – (Click for Full Size)

screenshot_south-downs-lines-2-rsc_51-05931-0-86413_08-30-18 screenshot_south-downs-lines-2-rsc_51-05944-0-86485_08-30-46 screenshot_south-downs-lines-2-rsc_51-05950-0-86459_08-30-53

screenshot_south-downs-lines-2-rsc_51-06162-0-86289_08-30-07 screenshot_south-downs-lines-2-rsc_51-06217-0-86255_08-31-05 screenshot_south-downs-lines-2-rsc_51-05934-0-86547_08-31-23


screenshot_south-downs-lines-2-rsc_51-05934-0-86547_08-31-34 screenshot_south-downs-lines-2-rsc_51-05942-0-86445_08-34-00

Video –

Crossrail 378 and Updated Versions of the Class 375

First point – I would request that if you give the links to the files, I’d request that you link to this page rather than the actual files. Thank you.

Crossrail Class 378 – A reskinned version of the London Overground version. (very minor changes really)

This is basically a fictional reskin on what a Crossrail EMU might look like with the Class 378 as an example, although in real life it probably won’t be this train but it might work perhaps?

Required Addons – Class 378 Capitalstar / Electrostar on Steam
Download Link

Pictures Click for Full Size!


Screenshot_South Downs Lines 2 - RSC_51.23335-1.22159_08-31-25


Class 375 Crossrail and London Overground

This one is an updated version of the one that I did about a year ago, this includes a new Interior for each of them, as well as custom destinations as before, and an improved texture at the front of the train.

Required AddonsLondon to Faversham on Steam

Download Link

Pictures Click for Full Size!

Crossrail+LOROL-375 Screenshot_South Downs Lines 2 - RSC_51.23328-1.22037_08-30-13 Screenshot_South Downs Lines 2 - RSC_51.23316-1.22036_08-30-27

South Downs Lines – Porthcaster Central WIP!

South Downs Lines

Formerly Dover Central on the East Kent Branch Line (the very first station on the route) since renamed to Porthcaster Central. This station has been completely redone from scratch including track and and platforms (the surrounding area hasn’t changed much)

  • Platforms 3 – 6 All fit 12 Car Trains (20m Carriages) – Same as before
  • Platform 2 – Fits at most 9 Car (for the East Kent Branch Line – From Porthcaster Docks)  – Extended
  • Platform 1 – Fits at Most 5 Car (for the East Kent Branch Line) – Extended

Pictures – Click for full size

Screenshot_South Downs Lines 2 - RSC_51.23340-1.22139_08-31-38

Screenshot_South Downs Lines 2 - RSC_51.23367-1.22305_08-30-47

Screenshot_South Downs Lines 2 - RSC_51.23321-1.21954_08-31-08

Screenshot_South Downs Lines 2 - RSC_51.23335-1.22141_08-31-25

Screenshot_South Downs Lines 2 - RSC_51.23356-1.22310_08-30-43

Screenshot_South Downs Lines 2 - RSC_51.23344-1.22281_08-30-14

Screenshot_South Downs Lines 2 - RSC_51.23317-1.22118_08-30-16

Screenshot_South Downs Lines 2 - RSC_51.23333-1.22247_08-30-31

Screenshot_South Downs Lines 2 - RSC_51.23322-1.22125_08-35-26

Screenshot_South Downs Lines 2 - RSC_51.23291-1.21955_08-30-32

South London to Brighton Updates

    Updates to the South London to Brighton Route –

Brighton / Preston Park to Hove.

Finding it harder with Hove station that I thought originally as nothing really matches the station from the assets (the building) but at least the scenery around it is more complete however!

Screenshot_South London to Brighton_50.83448--0.16680_10-01-24

Screenshot_South London to Brighton_50.83382--0.16396_10-01-14

Screenshot_South London to Brighton_50.83507--0.16996_10-00-56

Screenshot_South London to Brighton_50.83376--0.16382_10-03-25

Screenshot_South London to Brighton_50.83487--0.16889_10-00-43

Screenshot_South London to Brighton_50.83547--0.17001_10-00-52

Screenshot_South London to Brighton_50.83546--0.17220_10-01-01

Screenshot_South London to Brighton_50.83546--0.17220_10-01-05

Screenshot_South London to Brighton_50.83546--0.17220_10-01-14

Screenshot_South London to Brighton_50.83549--0.17199_22-00-48

Screenshot_South London to Brighton_50.83494--0.16935_22-01-04

South London to Brighton Route can be found on steam workshop here –

This is not an official route, this is something that I have done in my own time to combine the two routes.

Route updated 16/11/2014 – If it doesn’t show up you might have to unsubscribe and re subscribe to the route. Its not the final version as of yet, but this is only to ensure that if there are any major bugs in the route I can fix most of them before it becomes a “final” route on workshop (I can’t update it after that!)

For other things that I have done in my own time, I also have a facebook page with pictures from Scenarios and other routes that i’ve looked at.


South London Network –
London to Brighton –

Basically this is the combined London – Brighton Route attached to the South London Network, so includes the following routes: *Track)
London Victoria to Brighton (via various ways through South London)
London Victoria / Bridge to Riddlesdown / Kenley / Coulsdon Town (or Smitham)
London Victoria to Kent House
London Victoria to Crofton Park
London Victoria to West Croydon
London Bridge to Brighton
London Bridge to West Croydon (Via New Cross, Crystal Palace and Selhurst)
London Bridge to London Victoria (Inner and Outer South London Lines)
London Bridge to New Cross
Surrey Quays to New Cross / West Croydon / Clapham Junction

Quick Drive

London Victoria to Brighton
London Victoria / Bridge to Riddlesdown / Kenley / Coulsdon Town (or Smitham)
London Victoria to Kent House
London Victoria to Crofton Park
London Victoria to West Croydon
London Bridge to Brighton (Needs to be done)
London Bridge to West Croydon (Via New Cross, Crystal Palace and Selhurst)
London Bridge to London Victoria (Inner and Outer South London Lines)
London Bridge to New Cross
Surrey Quays to New Cross / West Croydon / Clapham Junction

Updates to London Brighton sections on this route:
TS14 Characters with TS15 animations to all stations.
Changed Track and Track Rule to South London Network (for Scenario reasons)
Changed third rail to South London version (looks better)
Changed Vegetation to South London Network (to avoid having two different route styles and looks better!)
TS14 Platform Lofts with updated boundaries
TS15 Road Lofts
Collision boxes added to all stations
Rain and Tunnel Occulsions added to all stations
Updated Merstham cutting to look better. (Embankment assets to hide jagged terrain)
Minor fixes all along the route to improve minor bits.
Added disabled ramps to all stations (where appropriate)
Removal of distant asset block houses where appropriate )
Added more portals to the route
*Update 1.1 – Added missing crossovers north and south of Earlswood (with Signalling and Speed signs)
*Update 1.2 – Finished Quickdrives (and added missing third rail on above crossover!)
*Update 1.21 – Fixed Quickdrives due to them being uploaded and not appearing (not sure why)

Credits: Dovetail Games and Richard Mills (for parts of South London Lines)

Joined Route – Danny Leach (+ updates to the London Brighton sections)

(My sections of the South London Network and London Brighton are included under “Dovetail Games” along with the rest of the team that were a big part of the routes )

(but if anyone is interested)

South London Network
Brixton to Kent House and Tulse Hill (inc Trackwork)
Streatham to Tulse Hill to Peckham Rye
Peckham Rye to Crofton Park
New Cross area (not gate) inc trackwork
Track between Surrey Quays and Queens Road Peckham
Completed London Bridge and West Croydon areas.
Tidied and added more detail to the rest of the route (such as station clutter for all stations, and minor detail to track side clutter including Mattresses and litter)

London – Brighton
Brighton to Preston Park (inc London Road)
Salfords to Merstham
Balham to Purley (including Streatham Hill, Streatham and Norwood Junction)
South Croydon to Riddlesdown
Purley to Kenley
Southeastern Class 375 (Reskin) (+ 3 Variants that were included with London Faversham)

Picture of the Day 18/07/2014

Something different, almost certainly never happened in real life! a Class 321 and 421 sitting in the platform at West Lake Central. Have now added overhead wiring until the mainline junction, where the Overhead Electric line passes over, while the 3rd rail line joins upto the mainline (no scenery around that yet).

Click for full size!

Screenshot_South Downs Lines 2 - RSC_51.05938-0.86450_10-01-04

Class 421 – London and Southeast “Jaffa Cake”

A reskinned version of the Class 421 available now on Steam Marketplace for £2.99 – it needs the original Class 421 Pack.

(this was something that I did in my own time 🙂 – with a little help for parts of the model that needed to be re-mapped, although I had planned to do this for a long while, just didn’t have the time until more recently)

Pictures – Click for Full Size

Screenshot_South Downs Lines - RSC_51.23333-1.22021_18-30-58

Screenshot_South Downs Lines - RSC_51.23307-1.21955_18-30-36

Screenshot_South Downs Lines - RSC_51.23098-1.18329_18-30-17

Screenshot_South Downs Lines - RSC_51.21995-1.08792_17-30-05

Screenshot_South Downs Lines - RSC_51.22285-1.26339_17-30-20

Screenshot_South Downs Lines - RSC_51.23420-1.23825_10-00-17