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South Downs Lines – Porthcaster Central WIP!

South Downs Lines

Formerly Dover Central on the East Kent Branch Line (the very first station on the route) since renamed to Porthcaster Central. This station has been completely redone from scratch including track and and platforms (the surrounding area hasn’t changed much)

  • Platforms 3 – 6 All fit 12 Car Trains (20m Carriages) – Same as before
  • Platform 2 – Fits at most 9 Car (for the East Kent Branch Line – From Porthcaster Docks)  – Extended
  • Platform 1 – Fits at Most 5 Car (for the East Kent Branch Line) – Extended

Pictures – Click for full size

Screenshot_South Downs Lines 2 - RSC_51.23340-1.22139_08-31-38

Screenshot_South Downs Lines 2 - RSC_51.23367-1.22305_08-30-47

Screenshot_South Downs Lines 2 - RSC_51.23321-1.21954_08-31-08

Screenshot_South Downs Lines 2 - RSC_51.23335-1.22141_08-31-25

Screenshot_South Downs Lines 2 - RSC_51.23356-1.22310_08-30-43

Screenshot_South Downs Lines 2 - RSC_51.23344-1.22281_08-30-14

Screenshot_South Downs Lines 2 - RSC_51.23317-1.22118_08-30-16

Screenshot_South Downs Lines 2 - RSC_51.23333-1.22247_08-30-31

Screenshot_South Downs Lines 2 - RSC_51.23322-1.22125_08-35-26

Screenshot_South Downs Lines 2 - RSC_51.23291-1.21955_08-30-32

Network Southeast or South Eastern (South Downs Lines)

* Note I’m not changing the route from Network Southeast era but was just curious to see which one looked better at the docks station.

So which one looks better, Southeastern with modern networkers or a not as modern Network Southeast era with Slam door rolling stock instead

    Network Southeast

Network South East at Porthcaster Docks


Southeastern Networkers at Porthcaster Docks

Danny’s Random Test Routes

I made a test route where I could show off reskins and used all the default item’s from at the time Railworks 2 (and onto TS 2012), but have since decided that I would replace this with a London – Brighton Version. Essentially the same layout as the old test route just rebuilt it using London to Brighton assets and Darren’s route builders pack (Kuju assets not used at all), while it is the same in some ways but different in others. Although I may extend it beyond its original idea of just a test bit of track for reskins but haven’t decided yet.



    With Train


    At Night


South Downs Lines and East Kent Branch Line comparison (Old Post – Just kept to show how it improved!)

*This is an old post just kept for other reasons and to compare the updated released version of the South Downs Lines to the original Challenge route!

I’d though that I’d post this here for those that were curious on the difference between the two, the original EKBL (East Kent Branch Line) and the current version the South Downs Lines (SDL). A spot the difference between the East Kent Branch Line and the South Downs Lines, with out Dover Docks, Canterbury Parkway and the new lines because there isn’t anything to compare them to 🙂

The pictures are in order (so the first one for the EKBL Version should be at a similar angle to the SDL version – I tried my best although not perfect for the angles) – Click for full size!

Canterbury South – EKBL

Canterbury South – SDL

Aylesham – EKBL

Aylesham – SDL

Folkestone West – EKBL (not there)

FOlkestone West – SDL

Folkestone Central – EKBL

Folkestone Central – SDL

Folkestone East – EKBL

Folkestone East – SDL

Bekesbourne – EKBL

Bekesbourne – SDL

Adisham – EKBL

Adisham – SDL

Dover Central -EKBL

Dover Central – SDL

Dover Parkway – EKBL (for a laugh!)

Dover Parkway – SDL (out of Dover Central then a pic of the station!) (only of the only things i’m actually proud of, must be a first!) 😆