Crossrail 378 and Updated Versions of the Class 375

First point – I would request that if you give the links to the files, I’d request that you link to this page rather than the actual files. Thank you.

Crossrail Class 378 – A reskinned version of the London Overground version. (very minor changes really)

This is basically a fictional reskin on what a Crossrail EMU might look like with the Class 378 as an example, although in real life it probably won’t be this train but it might work perhaps?

Required Addons – Class 378 Capitalstar / Electrostar on Steam
Download Link

Pictures Click for Full Size!


Screenshot_South Downs Lines 2 - RSC_51.23335-1.22159_08-31-25


Class 375 Crossrail and London Overground

This one is an updated version of the one that I did about a year ago, this includes a new Interior for each of them, as well as custom destinations as before, and an improved texture at the front of the train.

Required AddonsLondon to Faversham on Steam

Download Link

Pictures Click for Full Size!

Crossrail+LOROL-375 Screenshot_South Downs Lines 2 - RSC_51.23328-1.22037_08-30-13 Screenshot_South Downs Lines 2 - RSC_51.23316-1.22036_08-30-27

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