West Lake Central – Part 2 (WIP again – South Downs Lines)

I’d thought that i’d share more of West Lake Central on the South Downs Lines – just to show the station and surrounding area.

To pre-empt questions

First Question – Where can I download this?
Answer – At the moment you can’t and not for a while (this route has been rebuilt many times and has a fair bit of scenery to do)

Second Question – What is the South Downs Lines?
Answer – A route that I had started at least 6 years ago as a fictional route in a route challenge, but every time that I’ve improved at scenery I’ve basically rebuilt most of the route. This version (when done – which won’t be soon) should hopefully be the last version and possibly my last route for the current Train Simulator.

If you’d really like to see the original version of the route – have a look in this old UKTrain Simulator post (this station wasn’t in the original route ) –¬†http://forums.uktrainsim.com/viewtopic.php?f=304&t=111467

Pictures – (Click for Full Size)

screenshot_south-downs-lines-2-rsc_51-05931-0-86413_08-30-18 screenshot_south-downs-lines-2-rsc_51-05944-0-86485_08-30-46 screenshot_south-downs-lines-2-rsc_51-05950-0-86459_08-30-53

screenshot_south-downs-lines-2-rsc_51-06162-0-86289_08-30-07 screenshot_south-downs-lines-2-rsc_51-06217-0-86255_08-31-05 screenshot_south-downs-lines-2-rsc_51-05934-0-86547_08-31-23


screenshot_south-downs-lines-2-rsc_51-05934-0-86547_08-31-34 screenshot_south-downs-lines-2-rsc_51-05942-0-86445_08-34-00

Video –

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