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ECML South 2015-03-07_00001
Scenario Name: 1C72 1715 Cambridge to London Kings Cross (V2)
Description: Drive a Class 365 from just north of Hitchin to London Kings Cross on East Coast Main Line South: London to Peterborough
Notes: This scenario is a copy of this one on steam workshop but using Armstrong Powerhouse Class 321 and Waggoz / AP Class 313 as AI, as well as using the DTG Class 91 and Armstrong Powerhouse Enhancement Pack for the 91.

Service: 1C72 1715 Cambridge to London Kings Cross
Duration: 45 Minutes
Difficulty: Medium (but most will find it easy )
Requirements: ECML: London – PeterboroughClass 91 + AP Class 91 Pack, Class 313, Class 321 AP.
Reskins: None

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