Route Building – South Downs Lines – “West Lake” City area

First thing to note: This route can’t be downloaded as it is essentially the reason for my Facebook Route Page, so its has been under construction, deleted and rebuilt a few times. I’m hoping  that this will be the last version of the route. Unfortunately though it has to go via Dovetail Games because of the assets used in the route (this may upset some I know). Having a rare chance to route build on my own route for a change, rather than other routes. Building up the West Lake City area, including a new station “West Lake” (as opposed to West Lake Central (the terminus) and West Lake Parkway (where the 3rd Rail and Overhead Wire lines split – the latter has no scenery).This area is meant to be one of the bigger cities of the route, other bigger cities include Porthcaster (on East Kent Branch Lines this was “Dover”), and Carcombe (Originally Canterbury), there are other cities but presently most don’t have the detail to show.

(the name was made with a random name generator provided by a friend )Here are a few shots of the progress.First Pictures – “West Lake” Station – not an important station as it isn’t on the main route – but I just like doing stations so added it for no reason. In theory you could do a scenario from here via the Depot and Back in to West Lake Central though.

Notes – Click for Larger Picture

screenshot_south-downs-lines-2-rsc_51-06975-0-85141_08-43-53 screenshot_south-downs-lines-2-rsc_51-07073-0-85443_08-45-41 screenshot_south-downs-lines-2-rsc_51-06998-0-85218_08-44-01

View of West Lake Station from Main Route (Below)
screenshot_south-downs-lines-2-rsc_51-07093-0-85523_08-44-26View of the Left Side of the West Lake Triangle (still needs a Level Crossing)
Main route out of West Lake Central – Starts with a 1 in 50 for the hill behind the first shot (which has no scenery as of yet)
The Other Side of the Bridge from “West Lake” Station (to note the lake in this picture isn’t the main lake for the name sake of the City. 

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