Full Contents of “Danny’s Route – Reskin and Object Pack”

Since this file has disappeared from the Alienworlds.net site due to various reasons (one being that site doesn’t exist any more!), here is a complete list of the contents of the file that is hosted on UKtrainsim and Gamefront.

UKtrainsim Link
Gamefront Link – no account needed

    Objects – (all of these files have readme files)

All the Vehicle packs previous uploaded including
– 19 Retextured Ford Focus Cars (Various Different Colours)
– 14 Retextured Hatchback Cars (Various Different Colours)
– 15 Retextured Vans (Includes – Balfour Beatty, BT, Cadbury, DHL, Netto, Network Rail, Royal Mail, Royal Mail with Yellow Stripe, Fictional Tigger, TNT and 5 x Plain Colour Vans – Inc. Blue, Green, Orange, Red and Yellow)
Retextured Billboards
– 20 various intercity billboards of all shapes and sizes (6 different in 3 sizes + the additional Southern and Ford billboards)
Red Brick Platforms
– 2 Variants of the red brick platforms with winter textures and with no passenger versions of all shapes and sizes.
Routes –
The South Downs Lines V1.2b (Route and Assets)
The South Downs Lines Assets (included with Permission)
– Bonus with the above – Small test route called Modern Electric 1 that I have used to show off trains
The Tavern Route V1.0 (That small route that I did in 1 day – it has not been touched so does not have lighting)

    Rolling stock –

Danny’s Default Reskin pack includes
1. Class 166 – Connex Old Livery (Blue / Yellow)
2. Class 166 – Connex New Livery (White with Grey Stripe)
3. Class 166 – Southeastern Trains Livery (SEOld)
4. Class 166 – Southeastern Railway Livery (Yellow Door + Stripe)
5. Class 166 – Southeastern Railway Yellow Door No Stripe
6. Class 166 – Southeastern Railway Yellow Door, No Logo
7. Class 166 – Southeastern Railway Blue Door and no stripe
8. Class 166 – Southeastern Railway Blue Door with Dark Blue Stripe
9. Class 166 – London Overground Livery (Bonus)
10. Class 47 – Southeastern Blue
11. Class 47 – DB Schenker
12. HST – Southeastern Blue + Mk3 Carriages
13. Mk3 Carriages in Southeastern White with Yellow doors
14. 33 TTA Wagons including
o Bisto
o Burger King
o Cadbury Dairy Milk
o Cadbury Flake
o Cadbury Twirl
o Cadbury Wispa Mint
o Clover
o Diam
o Durex
o Kitkat
o M and Ms
o Malteaser
o Mars
o Milka
o Nestle Butterfinger
o Nestle Caramac
o Nestle Drifter
o Nestle Milkybar
o Nestle Munchies
o Nestle Quality Street
o Nestle Smarties
o Nestle Toffee Crisp
o Perrier Water
o Poppet Mint
o Shop – Lidl
o Shop – Netto
o Skittles
o Snickers
o Twix
o Utterly Butterly
o Volvic
o Volvic 2

317 and 455 Pack – Includes

• Southern 317
• Southern 455
• Southeastern 317
• Southeastern 455
• The Original 317 and 455 Packs (by Dave Brindley – so you won’t need to redownload those)

Payware Reskins

Class 31 DBS (Needs Class 31)
Class 325 – 5 Variant Retextures (Needs Class 325)
• DB Schenker
• FedEx
• Network Rail
Southeastern Class 377 Reskin (Class 375)
• Southeastern Branding for Default White SE 375 (one texture)
• Southeastern Livery with Grey Stripe
• 3 Scenario and additional Freeroams for South Downs Lines

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